The Story of 35 Fenwick Avenue

"Our neighborhood embodies all the best things of Toronto: It's diverse, vibrant, friendly, laid back, relaxed. Of course it also doesn't hurt that my Greek husband found here the only places outside of Greece that serve Greek coffee, tiropita and bougatsa that he deems authentic.

We instantly fell in love with the location, sandwiched between Withrow Park and the Danforth. We are both professionals with busy work schedules and this location being so close to everything is not only super-convenient, but really allows us the lifestyle we like: relaxed, low-key and spontaneous, with lots of fun and things to do, but without requiring lots of planning, scheduling and driving.

Being only steps away from Withrow Park and the Danforth means even on weekdays after work there is time to squeeze in an impromptu picnic dinner in the park before bedtime, a quick visit at the wading pool or a game of ping pong or tennis in the park, a visit at Dolce for gelato, a round of pool at the Billards Academy, or dinner on one of the many patios on the Danforth. An added bonus is that we usually run into friends while out. We also really appreciate that the location makes it possible to live mostly car-free, with the subway close by and the new bike lanes on the Danforth."

-Written by the homeowners.

As you can see, this character home that has been modernized has it all. The perfect 3 bed detached home with open concept living. Even has gymnast rings installed in the living room area for kids to use and stay active.

Very spacious, bright and clean.

Rare summer rental opportunity from July 9 to Aug 21. Exclusive opportunity to experience living in this area if planning to move here with me in the future. Not for those working with a realtor.

Message me anytime for info or question on how to book a visit at

PLUS Be sure to ask me about how to get a future rent credit of 1/2 months rent when exclusively buying or selling with me in the future. 

Walk to Danforth
Mins to DVP
3 bed home
Great Schools
Withrow Park 

Character Home
Quiet and Private
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