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Blog Welcome to the Real Estate Metaverse
Blog Remembrance Day Podcast Memorial As a way of paying tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom, I wanted to make sure we remember their names. The map below shows you all the names of the dead and where they lived. You may have worked with them. Been related. Some may have even been your next door […]
Blog Top Solds of 2021
Blog Join my Halloween Haunted House Tours As a fun side project over the years, I have added a list of the spookiest houses across Toronto and GTA to visit over the Halloween season. Each year the list gets better and better. If you haven’t joined in one the fun, be sure to do so. Its almost as much fun as the […]
Blog The missing ingredient in Ontario Small Business is here! The Referral Podcast! Finally….the missing ingredient in the next level of success for your Ontario Small business. The secret to referral marketing is not talked about in school but its the backbone of success for many of you. Its very likely that your ideal client is NOT aware of you. They are often a client of another service, […]
Blog 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Divorcing in Ontario As a child of a messy divorce myself and having helped many of my clients through this over the last 21 years, I have a few tips I can add. I have also created a specialized FREE Divorce Bootcamp Course to help guide those are going through this fully understand the real estate element of […]
Blog Breaking news: 140+ Solds over $5M so far in 2021 A very special report is now available that gives you the behind the scenes on what is happening in certain luxury areas of the city. Two significant changes are happening right now that are very unique to this decade. Be sure you get the full story and hear this podcast. Its an ear and eye […]
Blog How each party is handling the housing epidemic this election Below is a full summary of the various housing and real estate related campaign commitments released so far. Courtesy of TRREB 2021. Tune into on Monday Sept 13 at noon for my Housing Manifesto Podcast going over all this and much more.   The Liberal Party housing plan is focused on a three-part strategy, […]
Blog 75+ things that can go wrong when selling your Toronto/GTA home The most definitive report I have prepared for my smart homeowners and updated over the years as needed.   
Blog Sold Sign Saturdays are back bigger than ever!! The best day of the week in real estate is….Sold Sign Saturdays! As part of my unique storytelling approach, I connect with you each week to share the latest sold stories and all behind the scenes stories that many of you will never hear. Get signed up now! 
Blog New Episode of “Meet Your Neighbours” is LIVE Happy to announce a new episode of your fav locally grown podcast show is now live! Meet Your Neighbours Podcast
Blog Ontario Bank Owned Homes Podcast is LIVE!!