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Celebrity Real Estate The Schwarzenegger School of Real Estate As a big fan of the Terminator for many years, I have always been fascinated about the journey before he became the biggest name in Hollywood. In fact, he was actually Mr Real Estate before he was Mr Olympia. In case you have not heard this story, its definitely one you will enjoy and a […]
Celebrity Real Estate 3D Tours of Celebrity, Film and TV Real Estate Before I ever got into real estate, I was always fan of the homes you would see on tv and films and those owned by musicians and celebrities. Thanks to technology, you can now join me for a tour of some examples of the homes I now get to show and sell in the Toronto, […]
Celebrity Real Estate Oh Fudge! The Story behind the House in “A Christmas Story” & the Toronto connection Join the Winter Community Food Drive Challenge. I TRIPLE dog dare ya! The year was 1983….. From the first time I saw this movie, it has always been the best part of the holidays for me and has become a family tradition of ours in many ways. I was 9 years old when this wonderful […]
Celebrity Real Estate Celebrity Real Estate Podcast via RealEstatePodcastShow.com Lights, camera, action….. In my best Robin Leach voice… Welcome to the Celebrity Real Estate Podcast Show at RealEstatePodcastShow.com For 21+ years, I have been helping some of the most amazing celebrities, musicians, comedians and more buy and sell their dream homes across Toronto and GTA. Some of my clients are those you see on […]
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