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Blog Ontario New Construction Podcast For your exclusive members only access to the latest behind the scenes of new construction across Ontario. For the complete experience, also register via the news button above this. Simply enter your name, email and 1st three letters of your postal code to be part of this one of a kind podcast powered experience. Start […]
New Construction 5 Biggest Mistakes of New Construction Buyers UPDATED SUMMER 2022 Its been 10+ years since I first wrote this. Each year I make sure it stays relevant and add what is needed. And still people are walking into shiny sales centres and blindly signing a binding agreement. In my 22+ years of handling Toronto real estate, not ONE of my new construction […]
New Construction New Construction Podcast Alert: Toronto has the most cranes in North America! Did you know that Toronto is leading the new construction boom in the 2020s according to RLB?  A few highlights from this report include: Cities seeing an increase in cranes include Boston, Calgary, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Washington D.C. Cities holding steady in their crane counts include Chicago, New York City, Portland, and […]
New Construction Stanley District Tower In Niagara Falls One click registration for this and ALL the top new condo projects across Ontario. Just click on any of the images to join the smartest investors across the globe who have signed up over the last 21 years. Not for those working with a buyer agent. PS I do NOT represent the builder and I […]
New Construction Residences on Keewatin Park One click registration for this and ALL the top new condo projects across Ontario. Not for those working with a buyer agent and  I do NOT represent the builder. This boutique, luxury condo is being developed by Freed; one of the top developers in the GTA who has helped reshape multiple neighbourhoods including King St. […]
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