Podcast Mortgage Rockstars Podcast Podcast sponsored by MyNeighbourhoodNews.com. The source that realtors and mortgage brokers themselves use to stay in tune with the latest happenings in their postal code areas. Click on the graphic to register. Imagine getting a chance to hear the stories behind the best mortgage rockstars across the globe without having to meet them in person? […]
Celebrity Real Estate The Schwarzenegger School of Real Estate As a big fan of the Terminator for many years, I have always been fascinated about the journey before he became the biggest name in Hollywood. In fact, he was actually Mr Real Estate before he was Mr Olympia. In case you have not heard this story, its definitely one you will enjoy and a […]
Podcast 👑 Meet the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer As the author of the some of the most influential sales books ever written, I have been a fan and an avid reader of this books for over 20 years. When I reached out to Jeffrey to join me on the podcast, he responded right away and agreed to join me. In this podcast we […]
Podcast 🎁 71,000 podcast downloads Super Vacay giveaway 71,000+ reasons to thank all of you today. That is how many of you have downloaded my podcasts over the last few years on this journey. Once you factor in all the other platforms I am on and all those shares….it could be in the millions. That is one of the wonders of podcast stats. […]
Podcast Meet the Royal Family of Niagara, Grimsby, St Catherine’s and Hamilton area Real Estate Here is the podcast that has more buzz around it than the Falls themselves. Today I get to share the story of the Royal Family of Niagara and area real estate for the last 25 years. Having sent more people to Niagara, Hamilton and area than the QEW over the years, I know the importance […]
Blog New Episode of “Meet Your Neighbours” is LIVE Happy to announce a new episode of your fav locally grown podcast show is now live! Meet Your Neighbours Podcast
Blog Ontario Bank Owned Homes Podcast is LIVE!!
Blog Meet Janine Sasso, best selling author of Success with Real Estate Mailers Join me as I welcome Janine Sasso to the podcast stage to discuss her new book, Success with Real Estate Mailers. A must read for all those in real estate and marketing alike. She is committed to helping new and experienced realtors alike get to the next level of success in their communities.   
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Community Podcast Report Toronto East Real Estate Podcast Report. Mid Year 2021
Podcast Real Estate Influencers: Meet Chris Guérette, new CEO of The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association Had the pleasure this week of sitting down in the virtual studio with the new CEO of the Saskatchewan Realtors Association this week. What a great experience it was! In case you didn’t know, this is one of the best areas to move in Canada and remains the 2nd lowest avg sold price in Canada. […]
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Ontario real estate Top 5 Areas to buy real estate in Ontario in 2021 Join me for an in depth look at the Top 5 hottest areas of Ontario to buy in 2021 according to Moneysense magazine. As all the smartest buyers and sellers know, make sure you are signed up at MyNeighbourhoodNews.com before you do anything else to ensure you get the latest info on what the buying […]
Podcast In 2021, every house MUST have its own podcast! You’ve seen this sign across many Toronto/GTA lawns in 2021. You’ve heard the many amazing stories behind the homes that my clients have called home. Some with 100 year old sold stories to share and some that have lived there for 10 years. Seeing as you will be spending a large amount of money on […]
Free Reports ViP+ Seller Experience 2021 On any given day in Toronto and GTA, there are 100s of new sellers that hit the market. Each one has the best of intentions but many are NOT doing their pre listing homework or research. ViP+ Seller Experience Today, ALL that changes. Making sure every one of your listings in our community gets the […]
Danforth Community The $21 Million Dollar Challenge to help small businesses across Canada is LIVE Celebrating 21 years helping the most amazing people across Ontario & Canada wide in 2021. Its the perfect time to give back in the biggest way I possibly could. The MyNeighbourhoodNews.com $21,000,000 Challenge is on across the 850,000 postal codes across the country. My goal here is to help as many small business owners as […]
Podcast May 24 Weekend Podcast Postcard Special May 24 Long Weekend Podcast Postcard! Enjoy!!