Technology A huge tech shift just happened in Toronto/GTA real estate Its a big day in Toronto/GTA real estate! For the full story on why this is SO important to each and everyone of YOU, click here for the full story.  
Technology The Ultimate Virtual Staging Report of 2021 Finally, the ultimate Virtual Staging is here. Find out the top 5 reasons why the smartest sellers are signed up for my exclusive Sold Success System and why you should be too!
Technology ‘Smart’ doorbells are just the beginning for automated homes Flashback to this Globe and Mail article I was featured in… “To Paul Indrigo, his high-tech doorbell is more than just a doorbell. “I use it as a security camera, and I’m able to conduct conversations with people when I’m on the road,” he says. “We had roofers the other day and I was talking […]
Technology The MUST read report for all Ontario real estate buyers and sellers in 2021 Imagine finding out your dream backyard….is not yours at all? Getting a survey a day after closing is a nightmare and you should avoid this when possible. Thanks to improvements in accessing databases across Ontario, there is a better way to prepare for your upcoming purchase or sale. Once signed up with me you will […]
Technology The new real estate REALM is coming to Attention all smart Toronto and GTA area buyers and sellers. Welcome to the REALM. Coming in the Fall of 2021.  As you all know, the art of Sold Storytelling is not something you hear about often. Selling your Ontario real estate without a podcast story in the 2020s (aka the decade of the podcast) is […]
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