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Today’s ##Cranespotting ##podcast is live on the ##Danforth as the ##DannyDanforth condo development continues. Comment if u want prices & info.

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Donated to Local Food banks by TRREB
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As a both a local resident and realtor in the community for 21+ years, I have had the sincere pleasure of connecting with so many of you in the community. Keeping you up dated on the latest sold stories and how they affect you is important.

Even more important? Being accountable to each of you here. The relationships I have created with so many of you are, by far, the best part of the journey so far. In addition to the great work by all TRREB members helping local food banks and breakfast clubs, I am also personally committed to donating 2100 meals to local food banks if I can help 21 of you buy or sell in 2021.

If you want to know the full scoop on how the latest sold near you has affected your home value, just fill out the form below (takes less than 15 seconds) and the info is on the way. All stats via TRREB 2021 in E03 area.