Danforth CommunityJust Sold 1 July 2021

The 1st Sold Story of July 2021 is….

Big news:  Celebrating the 1st Sold Story of July 2021 in Danforth East….and it all started back over 100 years ago.

A few headlines from the year this was built include:

  • Women win the right to vote in Canada
  • Pro hockey teams form the National Hockey League
  • US Declares war on Germany
  • Capt Billy Bishop shoots down 3 enemy planes in Germany

This 1917 era brick bungalow was the most popular style of home at this time. Simple design yet built to last. And it has. Since then many have modernized them, removed walls to create an open concept look and even added another story to allow for future generations.

My most sincere congratulations to the wonderful young family who have decided to make this their home in our community. Each time someone makes a decision of this magnitude it speaks volumes about how much they truly love this area, the community, the shops and more.

Join me in congratulating them and if you own a small business in the area, let me know if you want to be part of the Housewarming Gift Basket I am preparing for them. As my thanks, I will be doing several Small Business Collaboration giveaways this summer to help boost those businesses that invest in their community.


Curious about how YOUR home’s value is affected by this latest sold? Click on the photo to get your updated home value. 


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Just Sold in Danforth East