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Welcome to the FIRST of its kind, Meet Your Neighbours Podcast. Your Communities, Your voices and your stories are what makes this area so unique. Stay tuned for more and more amazing stories to be added.

Welcome to, The Danforth East York Edition. This is where the smartest homeowners I have met since 2000 are gathered and get regular updates on their home values. Since dinner out is needed these days, I do a draw for a local dinner for 2 each month for those registered, with my thanks to all participating restaurants for their generous support. 

Welcome to Virtual Danforth East York Community

A big hello to all
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Concerned about the new Cedarvale Trenton Supportive Housing project?

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A look back at the history of our community is essential in truly understanding where you live. Established in 1924 as the township of East York. Prior to that if you lived north of Milverton Blvd, you lived outside the city limits. Join me for one of my community zoom tours of homes and condos before deciding to move here and you will find out more than any google search will every tell you. 


As your Community Welcoming Committee, I want to be sure you get the inside scoop from me directly. Having had my community ice cream cart events all over our community since 2014, no one knows the area and its people better than I do. These days my events are more virtual but the vibe is still the same. Its about relationships.  


Our Homes

As your guide to the Danforth East and East York area, you will find my homes and condos tours unlike any other you have seen. So many great stories to share from architectural details to the stories behind the builds.