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"Once upon a time"....

Since the moment I started this podcast, my goal was very simple. To become the greatest SOLD storyteller of all time.

Million Dollar Podcast Tours has changed the game!!

This is something that is NOT talked about in this industry yet the art of storytelling is part of our DNA going back 10,000+ years. From the earliest times in history, it was the village elders who held storytelling sessions to educate others in the village. Although technology has made our village a bit larger, the same rules apply. Being featured as my next Sold Storytelling podcast guest is an advantage unlike any other. Especially powerful if your property has a unique origin story that has NEVER been told. Very often its NOT the original owners that find out these great stories and I am able to weave this into my next Sold Stories series. Who are the ideal clients for this experience?

  • Home Sellers
  • Condo Sellers
  • Loft Sellers
  • Landlords
  • Builders

The IDEAL scenario for this is making sure you are signed up with me LONG before its time to hit the market so I can craft the ultimate build up for your story. This offers the BEST returns for you.

In the 2020s and beyond...."Every House Deserves a Podcast". If no one is telling your story, how will buyers know how amazing your property truly is?

You deserve more than just 463 Characters on an MLS description? Right?

Whether you are thinking of selling OR already for sale....this is the solution you need!

PS Due to popular demand for this upgrade, I am now able to offer a new "Podcast Referral Upgrade" for existing properties for sale. By adding me on as a referral agent for the property at a 25% referral fee (comes from the listing agent fees, no additional cost to you), you get this added listing upgrade that is truly one of a kind and NO one else can offer.


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