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Choose Your Experience....

Welcome to the Experience. This is the ONLY site on the planet where you can choose your ideal podcast powered experience and help create your ideal SOLD story.

For those of you buying, you cannot afford to get this wrong. Especially in this tight market. In years past, you could expect to be able to sell in a few years and move up but that may not be the case for now. Instead, you have to be sure you have the right person opening every door possible. Including some that are NOT open.

For those of you selling and possibly buying, your situation is also a unique one. FACT: Every home deserves a podcast. There is no denying this. On any given day, I still see homes with decades worth of incredible stories with ZERO storytelling being utilized. For those of you with homes worth millions or multi millions, you may be leaving $100s of $1000s on the table when selling. That ends today...

Choose your Experience for Sellers

The next chapter for those of you selling is to choose the experience that is best for YOU. Creating a great story starts with a storyboard. Ask any film producer and they will tell you that nothing happens without a theme and a story in place. The 8 different experiences I provide for my sellers allow them to virtually transform their spaces into the ideal spaces for potential buyers in that community. Its not until we sit down and review the past solds that you will know which style is the most appreciated by buyers in that area.

To download your FREE Virtual Staging Experience Report and learn all the great reasons why several multi million dollar homes have used this approach in 2021, just click here.