Annex Neighbourhood News

By Paul Indrigo | 23 September 2022

Annex Home Value Alerts Annex Appreciation Event Welcome to the official podcast dedicated to the Annex community. Its been a few years in the making and now its time to add YOUR voices to the mix. As your trusted real estate professional for the last 22 years, I know the stories behind the solds in […]

The Podcast History of Toronto Real Estate

By Paul Indrigo | 14 September 2022

A project in the works for 50 years and its finally here! I have created the ultimate ongoing series of the real stories behind the scenes to make sure that you get the real stories vs the opinions of social media gurus. Starting at 1973 and adding new episodes here regularly.  Subscribe to my updates […] (Fall 2022 Edition)

By Paul Indrigo | 11 September 2022

Featured Listings Limited time offer! Sign up now!! Simply sign up below with your name, email and 1st 3 letters of your postal code and you are set!! No cash value. Cannot be combined with offer offers. Not intended to solicit anyone under contract. And….as part of my 2022 Food Bank Drive Challenge….if 1000 of […]

Real Estate Portfolio

By Paul Indrigo | 10 September 2022

In case you are wondering about where the properties are that I have handled over the years, here is the ongoing directory. Updated regularly.    

Lucky 21 (Fall 2022 Casting Call)

By Paul Indrigo | 7 September 2022

Danforth East York Community Podcast

By Paul Indrigo | 31 August 2022

Welcome to the new and improved Danforth and East York Area Community Podcast Every local resident and homeowner deserves to have a strong connection to what is going on in the area. In front and behind the scenes. My specialty is being the sold storyteller of this community since 2000. Having lived here over 20+ […]

West Rouge Community Podcast

By Paul Indrigo | 31 August 2022

Finally, the BIG moment has arrived for residents of the West Rouge and Port Union area. This is the alternative to the traditional approach where a local realtor tells you they just sold a home near you. Most of you already know before the internet does. What I do is reverse engineer the sold stories […]

Sold Stories of Toronto

By Paul Indrigo | 28 August 2022

Welcome to the 1st of its kind podcast focused series highlighting the Sold Stories of Toronto **Updated Podcast Coming Soon** For the latest real time data and sold trends happening in YOUR postal code area,  simply sign up below with your email and 1st 3 digits of your postal code. Bonus perks valued in the […]

104 Queensdale Avenue

By Paul Indrigo | 26 August 2022

Welcome to the story behind one of the most wonderful homes in our community. This rare 4 bedroom semi detached home on one of the most historic streets we have has everything you could possibly want. Looking For A Home On The Danforth With More Space Than You Currently Have? This 4 Bedroom Home Has […]

Fall Reno Bootcamp is now accepting applicants!

By Paul Indrigo | 25 August 2022