All the best real estate Superbowl Commercials!

By Paul Indrigo | 10 February 2023

Ready for kickoff? Enjoy the best of the best Superbowl commercials! Sponsored by MyNeighbourhoodNews, the leading news source for Ontario real estate.

Important news for Barrie Home owners in 2023….

By Paul Indrigo | 26 January 2023

As the creator of Barrie Home Value Alerts Podcast,  I am proud to announce that all listings in the Barrie and Lakelands areas are about to get a HUGE boost in marketing and exposure. ONLY those listed for sale with me will have this added bonus PLUS the advantage of being featured on the TOP […]

Bank of Canada raises its rate…..AGAIN!

By Paul Indrigo | 25 January 2023

Bank Of Canada Rates. 5% Since January 2022 at 0.25% Bank of Canada has just raised its policy rate…again. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. Higher cost of borrowing in general. Less buying power for buyers which means less for sellers too. In case you were planning a sale in […]

Danforth Neighbourhood News

By Paul Indrigo | 1 December 2022

Danforth Neighbourhood News Dear Danforth and East York residents. The first of its kind podcast powered and postal code focused news site. Welcome to the better way of staying informed on local real estate activity in real time. Whether you have owned here for 5 or 50 years or thinking of moving here, my goal […]

257 Linsmore Crescent

By Paul Indrigo | 27 November 2022

This home has been in the family for almost 100 years. Lots of wonderful memories in the past and many more await you. This 2 storey detached home is ideal rental home for your needs. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and furnished. All ready to go. Including internet. You are responsible for heat, hydro and water. […]

16 Don Mills Road

By Paul Indrigo | 18 November 2022

  Introducing the latest addition to the Ontario Executive Rentals Podcast collection. This modernly furnished detached executive two story home in East York gives you easy access to the DVP, Downtown and the Danforth. With homes like this one renting for well over $8000 in many areas of the city, this one is available right […]

Toronto GTA Luxury Homes Podcast

By Paul Indrigo | 15 November 2022

Ready for a behind the scenes tour of some of the most expensive homes for sale in Toronto GTA for Fall 2022? $24,500,000 $18,988,000 $13,800,000 $11,999,999 To arrange a customized tour of the top luxury homes in the areas you are considering, connect with me directly via email at All […]

Top 3 Cheapest Homes in Canada

By Paul Indrigo | 13 November 2022

At almost every family function or party you go to after age 25, it eventually comes down to a real estate discussion. Sad I know but that’s life. If you keep hearing about how cheap Alberta is….well….there is a LOT more to that story. After discussing the obvious of how expensive it is to live […]

My Property Portfolio (2000-present)

By Paul Indrigo | 12 November 2022

Sign up for the Neighbourhood News in YOUR postal code area and get your FREE bonus membership card valued at $5k “I’ve been everywhere…man” This song lyric applies to the incredible amount of people I have met and helped over the last 2 decades. Each one of you and your properties will always mean the […]

Operation: Saskatchewan

By Paul Indrigo | 9 November 2022

Welcome to the Operation:Saskatchewan Podcast Project! With so many people talking about moving to more affordable areas, it was time to make sure you heard about the MOST affordable area. Having moved many people here over the years, this is the ideal way to being your search OR find out how your home values are […]