Dear Lawrence Park Residents.

There are only 5 words you need to know when making the decision of selling your significant real estate properties.

"Every House Deserves a Podcast"

Finally, the missing ingredient in the Lawrence Park real estate experience is complete. As host of the top result for "real estate podcast show" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Bing and more....this is where your incredible story deserves to be featured.

In addition to this, I have also created a state of the art 3D powered Virtual Home Selling Experience that will help maximize the appeal of your property to the most qualified buyers on the market.

Did you know that when you are selling your home or condo exclusively with, you also get to choose your own customized podcast focused selling experience?

Imagine having the most amazing home in Lawrence Park and NO one hearing the story behind all the work you put in to make it so unique?  The designer kitchen, the imported tiles. That changes today. This is a critical element in creating your podcast experience and the virtual design of the home. Virtual Staging is the ideal solution during a frantic sellers market, allows for a more hygenic home and many more reasons I will share with you. Seeing as there are multi million dollar homes using this technique, you deserve the best and the latest in marketing technology. From the moment we meet to the day you get that big sellers cheque made out to YOUR name, this is always about telling YOUR story on the biggest stage possible. is the TOP search result for "real estate podcast show" on Bing, Spotify, Instagram and many more sites.

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