Woodbine Lumsden Neighbourhood News

"Love thy neighbour" is the best way to describe why my approach is designed to protect your home value as if it was my own. Whether you live on my street or 5 streets down....we are neighbours. Our lives have the common thread of including East York and Danforth living. And much more...

Being invited into your homes is the best part of the process. I never show up with any expectations and will never be the one to ask if you are ready to sell. My goal is to give you all the knowledge possible to be able to make that choice IF that is best for you.

A new and exciting way to get all the latest real estate news in real time and focused ONLY on your postal code area. Too often those real estate flyers you get in the mail are generic and based on areas that do not apply to you. This misinformation could cost you a fortune in the event of a market shift, that may be happening as we speak. Get the most important info here including access to the 4 key metrics you must know at all times as a homeowner.

Bonus perks include a VIP Podcast Perks card that will save you $1000s on many local products & services from renovations to moving to travel to local attractions and more.

Just add your name, email and 1st 3 letters of your postal code to the sign up form and you are set!

Here is the local home value alerts report for the 1st half of 2022.
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Danforth Jan to June