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Ontario Survey Form

The MUST read report for all Ontario real estate buyers and sellers in 2021

By Paul Indrigo | 22 June 2021

Imagine finding out your dream backyard….is not yours at all? Getting a survey a day after closing is a nightmare and you should avoid this when possible. Thanks to improvements in accessing databases across Ontario, there is a better way to prepare for your upcoming purchase or sale. Once signed up with me you will […]

Drone Pic of East York

Sold Stories on the Danforth from 2000 to present day

By Paul Indrigo | 22 June 2021

Imagine having access to a database of untold sold stories on the Danforth from the year 2000 to now? Good news! Now you do. As a local resident here since 1998, I have been a collector of all things related to the sold stories in this community. From the words of past owners to fellow […]

Celebrity Real Estate

Celebrity Real Estate Podcast via

By Paul Indrigo | 22 June 2021

Lights, camera, action….. In my best Robin Leach voice… Welcome to the Celebrity Real Estate Podcast Show at For 21+ years, I have been helping some of the most amazing celebrities, musicians, comedians and more buy and sell their dream homes across Toronto and GTA. Some of my clients are those you see on […]

$21 Million Dollar Challenge

The $21 Million Dollar Challenge to help small businesses across Canada is LIVE

By Paul Indrigo | 21 June 2021

Celebrating 21 years helping the most amazing people across Ontario & Canada wide in 2021. Its the perfect time to give back in the biggest way I possibly could. The $21,000,000 Challenge is on across the 850,000 postal codes across the country. My goal here is to help as many small business owners as […]

The Big Fat Greek Wedding house is for sale!

By Paul Indrigo | 18 June 2021

Who’s ready to join me for my next #Toronto #Film Locations podcast tours? This time its the house used to film #MyBigFatGreekWedding located in #EastYork. No malakas allowed but all others are welcome 😂

Realm screenshot

The new real estate REALM is coming to

By Paul Indrigo | 18 June 2021

Attention all smart Toronto and GTA area buyers and sellers. Welcome to the REALM. Coming in the Fall of 2021.  As you all know, the art of Sold Storytelling is not something you hear about often. Selling your Ontario real estate without a podcast story in the 2020s (aka the decade of the podcast) is […]

1947 Orange Parade on the Danforth

By Paul Indrigo | 14 June 2021

A look at the Orange Parade of 1947 on the Danforth.

Toronto House Prices in the 1980s

By Paul Indrigo | 13 June 2021

Join me for a look back at Toronto housing prices in the 1980s.

Ottawa in the 1940s

By Paul Indrigo | 12 June 2021

A look back at early Canadian home building in action. #Ottawa in the 1940s.

A Day on the Danforth

By Paul Indrigo | 11 June 2021

A beautiful day on the Danforth. Join me for a tour of how things are looking on day 1 of the reopening plan. For all the inside scoop, be sure to join the many locals at for all the latest scoop and much more.