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180 Holborne Ave is LIVE!

By Paul Indrigo | 29 July 2022

For those who are interested in the most solid dependable house in the East York area vs the older homes that have had cosmetic work…. this is the one for you. Check out the listing here! 

5 Biggest Mistakes of New Construction Buyers

By Paul Indrigo | 24 July 2022

UPDATED SUMMER 2022 Its been 10+ years since I first wrote this. Each year I make sure it stays relevant and add what is needed. And still people are walking into shiny sales centres and blindly signing a binding agreement. In my 22+ years of handling Toronto real estate, not ONE of my new construction […]

The Story of 35 Fenwick Ave in Riverdale

By Paul Indrigo | 21 July 2022

Click here for more details

The Beach Blog is here!

By Paul Indrigo | 21 July 2022

Whether you have lived here for 5 or 50 years or just moving in, the Beach Blog was created for you. Get the real stories behind what makes this community, its people and its homes so unique. Having had many of the best local business owners on my podcast, I want to be sure you […]

The Story of 17 Avion Avenue in the Beach

By Paul Indrigo | 20 July 2022

This is the exclusive story of the hottest Beach Rental property of 2022. You will not want anything else once you see this one. 3 beds and 3 baths in this cozy Beach cottage is all you and your family will ever need. 6 to 8 month term only. While some short term rentals in […]

11 Brunel Crt

By Paul Indrigo | 20 July 2022

This is the exclusive podcast dedicated to all the amazing condo owners here. If you are thinking of selling, make sure YOUR story is here too!

The Downsizing Starter Kit!

By Paul Indrigo | 19 July 2022


Maximum Sold Price Report for Toronto Condos and Lofts Owners

By Paul Indrigo | 19 July 2022

Click here for access to this special report.

The Schwarzenegger School of Real Estate

By Paul Indrigo | 18 July 2022

As a big fan of the Terminator for many years, I have always been fascinated about the journey before he became the biggest name in Hollywood. In fact, he was actually Mr Real Estate before he was Mr Olympia. In case you have not heard this story, its definitely one you will enjoy and a […]

👑 Meet the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer

By Paul Indrigo | 18 July 2022

As the author of the some of the most influential sales books ever written, I have been a fan and an avid reader of this books for over 20 years. When I reached out to Jeffrey to join me on the podcast, he responded right away and agreed to join me. In this podcast we […]