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Do NOT let this timer run out if selling in 2022

Special Report: Secrets of Self Made Real Estate Millionaires

By Paul Indrigo | 2 January 2022

The Ultimate Homeowner Security Checklist for 2022

By Paul Indrigo | 29 December 2021

Real Time Rental Updates

By Paul Indrigo | 29 December 2021

Are you looking for an advantage as a renter in Toronto in 2022? With more competition than ever, you need the best mix of real estate data and AI working for you. Its finally here! PLUS as a smart qualified renter who knows that renting is still paying a mortgage….my goal is to help you […]

Ontario Homeowner Helpers Group is coming in January 2022

By Paul Indrigo | 27 December 2021

Join the Ontario Homeowner Helpers Club

Essential guide to buying & selling safely during the ongoing pandemic

By Paul Indrigo | 22 December 2021

Oh Fudge! The Story behind the House in “A Christmas Story” & the Toronto connection

By Paul Indrigo | 18 December 2021

Join the Winter Community Food Drive Challenge. I TRIPLE dog dare ya! The year was 1983….. From the first time I saw this movie, it has always been the best part of the holidays for me and has become a family tradition of ours in many ways. I was 9 years old when this wonderful […]

End of year Real Estate Wealth Report Cards are ready!

By Paul Indrigo | 2 December 2021

Welcome to the Real Estate Metaverse

By Paul Indrigo | 28 October 2021
Lest we forget

Remembrance Day Podcast Memorial

By Paul Indrigo | 27 October 2021

As a way of paying tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom, I wanted to make sure we remember their names. The map below shows you all the names of the dead and where they lived. You may have worked with them. Been related. Some may have even been your next door […]

Top Solds of 2021

By Paul Indrigo | 25 October 2021