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Its time to walk the walk. With many of you concerned about our environment and upset about too many printed flyers in your mailbox, this is the solution. In fact, by the time you get a postcard or newsletter in print about a new's likely already sold before it ever hits your mailbox. A real time, AI powered approach is the way to truly get the latest info delivered to your inbox without any wasted paper.

Welcome to a greener approach to buying, selling and renting in Canada. If EVERY Canadian decided to only use this approach, it would make a world of difference.

Simply fill in your name, email and the first 3 letters of your postal code below and you have made a difference. 

Kindly share this others (share button on the right) who also want to help make this the ONLY option for those making their moves across our wonderful country. More trees is the best thing for every community.

And as a bonus for your good deeds, you also get FREE access to a Jiffy+ Membership if you are in the Toronto GTA area. This alone could save you $1000s in renovation costs. Limited time offer, see below for info. 

PS Once signed up, be sure to join me for a Zoom Tour of the properties you are interested in BEFORE visiting them in person. For many, the stories behind the listing may change your feelings about that property, its sold history, any red flags etc...

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