Real Estate Influencers Podcast

Fun Fact: You will likely never see the REAL top influencers in real estate posting a selfie with a #celebrity client just to get attention. Most often its the person behind the scenes we actually deal with. These are their stories....

In fact, its frowned upon in the very upper levels of handling the CEOs, athletes, celebrities and musicians at the top of their game. The only time I ever ask for an autograph, its for a real estate contract with more zeroes than most people will ever see.

That is why you will NEVER see a selfie with any of my clients on my social media. Its about confidentiality at this level.

What I can share with you is "some" of the stories behind the scenes as I connect with all the major players in the game in the course of my 21 years in business. In most cases, the names and addresses are changed for their protection but the stories are ALL real.

Having met and worked with some of the top realtors and real estate influencers across the planet over the last 21 years, I decided it was time for YOU to hear their stories and meet them also. I will never refer you to someone that I have not met or worked with on some level. Anytime a random referral happens in real estate, YOUR reputation and YOUR clients are taking all the risk. That will never happen with me. Enjoy the show...

Are you a Top Agent outside the Toronto/GTA area that wants to join me on the podcast and become part of my Top Agents Referral team? Connect with me to discuss.

Meet Erica Stietenroth of Katy, Texas and the story behind the hottest listing in Texas!

Meet David Anderson, owner of Red and White Realty

Meet best selling author and Realtor, Janine Sasso, author of Success with Real Estate Mailers

The Ultimate Real Estate Tech Double Bill: Featuring Robin Daniels, CMO of Matterport and Alan Lepofsky, VP at Salesforce.

Meet Chris Guerette, new CEO of the Saskatchewan Realtors Association

Meet John Sallinen of Remax in Parry Sound.

Meet Jessalyn Wanlim. Star of Workin Moms on Netflix and also a Realtor in California

Meet Gillian Stockdale of Century 21 BJ Roth in Barrie/Muskoka

Meet Mikaila of Century 21 BJ Roth in Barrie/Muskoka