The ONE thing you MUST do before doing any renovations in Ontario....

With over 100+ years of family experience in the construction business, I have very unique insight into what to look for (and look out for) when hiring a contractor or any trades.

Having worked in construction myself for many years before real estate, I had the esteemed pleasure of working on a home that the great David Bowie came to Canada to see many years ago. When we meet, I will tell you the whole story. Its awesome!

If you watch the news, you have likely heard enough horror stories of fraudsters who take your deposit and run, use fake names to get your business and more. Some will even put liens on your home even though they didn't finish the work.

Eliminating that risk starts by doing your homework right here. This special report I prepared has helped many of my own clients avoid these dangers. PLUS you must know the true ROI (return on investment) of the renovations you are doing before you make the decision. No one knows that part better than I do in the Toronto/GTA area.