When Neville and his wife needed my help to sell their home in the peak of the pandemic, every precaution was taken. Due to the combination of my state of the art digital presentation and "This house has a podcast" exclusive, their sale broke a record on their street in Scarborough that stands to this day.

Finally, the missing ingredient has arrived. This is where maximum safety and your maximum sold price truly meet. The ability to create the ultimate storytelling for your unique homes is here.

Less is more. Especially when it comes to less furniture and items that should be disinfected after every visit and you know this is NOT happening.

Its time you had access to the ultimate selling system designed for maximum safety when selling your one of a kind properties in Toronto GTA. You deserve a high performance experience when looking for high performance results. This is how the $50 Million Dollar Experience was created! Your safety and your property is worth at least that much, don't you think?