Danforth Community 22 June 2021

Sold Stories on the Danforth from 2000 to present day

Imagine having access to a database of untold sold stories on the Danforth from the year 2000 to now?

Good news! Now you do.

As a local resident here since 1998, I have been a collector of all things related to the sold stories in this community. From the words of past owners to fellow realtors to developers and more….this is a database of info that you cannot get anywhere else.

When you are working exclusively with me you are going to get all the inside scoop on every property I have sold AND all the ones I have researched over the years. Having filled 3 hard drives full of notes, surveys, mid project photos of bad renovations and more….this is where you journey MUST begin.

Join me for one of my many local digital walking tours before you ever sign anything with anyone and lets connect soon.