Years of relationship focused experience
+ hours of real estate flight hours
s of Toronto/GTA Sold Stories decoded

In 2021, you need all the performance enhancement devices you can get! This is the motherlode of the Selling Experience in Toronto/GTA!

After 20 years of experience with marketing every type of property, I have found the perfect mix of services that every seller must have in this decade. All the thrills and none of the frills. As a result, I have isolated the key metrics of what works and what does NOT work when handling incredible properties in the Toronto GTA area.

As you have likely heard on my immensely popular Sold Stories podcast segments, I am obsessed with decoding the details of what goes into breaking sold records. Everything from the pre listing period to keeping the deal on track to closing. This also includes what mistakes to avoid during the process. Certain mistakes continue to happen on various listings and affect the property value in ways you cannot imagine.

The conventional approach to preparing your property for today's market will not work on its own. Using the same couch that was in 200 other homes last year is NOT the smart way to sell. Living well and providing a clean, empty, sanitized property is the way the smartest sellers are breaking sold records like never before.

Since as early as I can recall, I have always enjoyed being behind the scenes of the greatest sold stories ever told. No desire to have my face on a billboard. My desire is to have YOUR sold stories featured on my podcast channel with a global audience.

Creating the perfect listing in the 2020s (the decade of the podcast) requires a customized and specialized suite of services. While some offer version of this, NO one else can provide the added value of being featured on the top result for "real estate podcast show" on Spotify and Bing search results (1st out of 30,000,000+).

Combined, the value of these services would easily be valued at 10% when considering a marketing package. The great news is that ALL of these services are included for a cost far less than this.

And a reminder....make sure that I am the one defending your property value vs the one questioning it. If you see one of my signs across the street from a basic or discount listing, you will quickly see how different the ViP+ Seller Experience truly is.