Free Reports 19 July 2022

Maximum Sold Price Report for Toronto Condos and Lofts Owners

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Blog 14 August 2021

The Final Countdown for Selling in 2021 is on. Don’t miss out…

BlogJust Sold 5 August 2021

The Ultimate Seller Interview Checklist is here!

You did your homework when buying. You visited many homes. You did the inspections. You heard the term “location, location, location” from everyone including your family.

When selling, its ALL about research. In fact, its “research, research, research” when selling that is rule 1.

Do NOT pass go until you have this checklist in hand. Whether interview 1 or 10+ agents, you must ensure you are getting your full value when making this big decision.

Community Podcast Report 27 July 2021

Durham Region Real Estate Podcast Report. Mid 2021

Dear Durham Region homeowners! This is the MUST have report for each one of you in 2021. The mid year 2021 report podcast is ready and waiting for you. To get your customized report, just sign up below.