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The Beach Blog is here!

Whether you have lived here for 5 or 50 years or just moving in, the Beach Blog was created for you.

Get the real stories behind what makes this community, its people and its homes so unique.

Having had many of the best local business owners on my podcast, I want to be sure you hear their stories here.

RentingShort Term RentalsThe Beach 20 July 2022

The Story of 17 Avion Avenue in the Beach

This is the exclusive story of the hottest Beach Rental property of 2022. You will not want anything else once you see this one.

3 beds and 3 baths in this cozy Beach cottage is all you and your family will ever need.

6 to 8 month term only.

While some short term rentals in this area could easily be over $7000 a month, this one is listed at $6250 all inclusive.

No furnishings included.

*NO longer available as of Aug 2022*