BlogSelling 31 August 2021

75+ things that can go wrong when selling your Toronto/GTA home

The most definitive report I have prepared for my smart homeowners and updated over the years as needed.


Digital Podcast Postcards 24 June 2021

Summer 2021 Digital Postcard is here!

Did you get my Summer 2021 postcard in the mail yet? If not, here is the digital copy instead.

In fact, by subscribing to my alerts, you get these in your email instead as many seem to prefer.

Its a quick update on how the Summer Shift is affecting the market and making sure you know what to do when making a move this summer.

Having helped many clients become mortgage free this year, I would love to help you do the same.

In case you need more info on the VIP+ Experience, just click here. 




Free ReportsPodcast 23 June 2021

ViP+ Seller Experience 2021

On any given day in Toronto and GTA, there are 100s of new sellers that hit the market.

Each one has the best of intentions but many are NOT doing their pre listing homework or research.

Today, ALL that changes. Making sure every one of your listings in our community gets the red carpet treatment is my goal. Its what I want for myself and my loved ones and its the ONLY way to make sure that your listing gets to be on the global stage I built via