Blog 22 October 2021

The missing ingredient in Ontario Small Business is here! The Referral Podcast!

Finally….the missing ingredient in the next level of success for your Ontario Small business.

The secret to referral marketing is not talked about in school but its the backbone of success for many of you.

Its very likely that your ideal client is NOT aware of you. They are often a client of another service, perhaps one that compliments your business.

This group is all about helping each other.

As your primary source for Toronto GTA real estate with 21 years of experience and a database over 3 hard drives full of connections I have gathered over the years, I want to connect you to the right people for your businesses.

Making introductions (with both sides approval) is one of the best things you can do for someone who is struggling. When I was starting out, this was a lifeline for me so I have decided to make sure I pay it forward in a huge way!

Click here to begin the journey….