Toronto's Top Sold Stories for 2022

Welcome to the 1st annual Toronto's Top Solds Podcast.

In this series, I do a recap of the top 12 areas of the city. Some with sold prices up to $20,000,000. This is the ONLY place you will hear these stories so make sure your listings are also featured here.

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Truth be told, I have been reverse engineering the most amazing sold stories in our city since the year 2000. Each week I review the top solds that have happened across the city and look for what was done correctly and where mistake were made. For example, don't assume a house sold over asking actually got its maximum sold price. That is rarely the case.

A new and exciting way to get all the latest real estate news in real time and focused ONLY on your postal code area.

Too often those real estate flyers you get in the mail are generic and based on areas that do not apply to you. This misinformation could cost you a fortune in the event of a market shift, that may be happening as we speak. Get the most important info here including access to the 4 key metrics you must know at all times as a homeowner.

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