The Ontario Executive Rentals Podcast Powered Approach for landlords is now LIVE across Toronto, GTA and Ontario. This is the ultimate game changer.


Specializing in Executive and Relocation Rentals from $5000 to $50,000 per month. Ask about how my 4X system has helped landlords leverage their rentals into $1000s of extra dollars per month by using my patented system.

The genesis of this program started 20+ years ago. Building my list of corporate, athletes and celebrity contacts has been a very long process. My goal has always been to add 5 new contacts per day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. After 20+ years, that number is now in the 25,000+ range of the most important contacts on the planet.

The reason why so many prefer this to the AirBNB model is that you actually get to meet the people you will be renting to. Either them, the company involved or someone representing them. A real person. That is what is missing for many landlords and this program solves that issue!

Also the PERFECT OPTION for those who want to earn income while their house is for sale. Imagine making $5000 a month WHILE I sell the house for you? This is one big reason why my clients love this unique approach.

PS The added SUPER power of my Podcast Powered Lawn Sign helps give the maximum effect to this program also! Once its on your front lawn (if allowed to have signs), you are already ahead of the pack.