Imagine having a mini food truck festival and concert outside your home for sale? As an exclusive bonus for sellers signed for my "Sold By Summer" program, that is exactly what you get. For home owners with a dedicated parking spot OR a private space that a neighbour provides, I can have a food truck parked there for the event of the century on your street! And also invite a local musician to keep the party going inside! Same thing goes for those buying a home with me as I host the ultimate housewarming events!

"You deserve to be treated like royalty in each step of the selling journey" - Paul

As the host and creator of the #1 real estate podcast on google,, I have been hired by some of the most successful people on the planet. These are people who do not work with anyone unless they are in the best in their field.

This is the reason "The Ultimate Experience" was created. To ensure you have the same 5 Star experience that I have provided for my clients for 22 years. All the lessons and protections that I provide for the highest net worth clients I work with (who often guard their time and money ferociously) are provided to each of you when working with me.

It still surprises me that so few of you know what options you truly have when selling to minimize your risks because you have not been told how its done behind the scenes.

My goal is to minimize your risks as I have done for so many others using the techniques I have learned from helping everyone from first time sellers to multi millionaires who have been able to sell and stay in their homes AFTER closing (aka the Hugh Hefner Clause).

No one will protect your interest better than I can.

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