General-How I set a new sold record (1)

FACT: The first tour of your home for sale WILL be virtual and, these days, the first offer may even come in before they see the property in person due to the right pre listing preparation.

There are NO do overs when making the right first impression to a global audience.

Did you know your home has to sell 4 times before closing?

Once to the market.
Once to the interested buyers.
Once to the appraiser.
And finally to the ONE qualified buyer/s

But before all that....YOU have to be able to see the potential in your space the same way a buyer would.

That's where the Virtual Design Podcast Experience takes over. No physical renovations, painting or fix ups needed.

The focus here is on the potential of the property and keeping it as clean, sanitized and clutter free as possible.

If the virtual/digital presence is not up to speed, you may be missing out on a lot of interest.

This is why the Virtual Design Experience Podcast is essential when selling your Toronto GTA homes.